Abbreviated Training

Training should be kept to 60 minutes or less for a person with average recovery. Now this is NOT: perform a few bicep curls then browse Instagram for 5 minutes. Actual training with 1-2 minutes rests between sets.


Abbreviated training is the method where you get into the gym and train hard for 45-60 Minutes; then get out and recover. The human body takes 24-48 hours to recover from a workout (unless you are untrained). Training too long and too hard will not allow your body to recover properly.


You can actually leave your body in worse condition training this way. For example have you seen the man or woman who runs 2 hours a day every day and looks no different than a year ago?

Train like dynamite; get in, blast through your workout, go home and recover HARD. Ample protein, balanced diet, and plenty of sleep.

Dedicate & Succeed

Justin Kukla