How to stay Motivated

One of the most common questions we get is - how to stay motivated? 

In starting a healthy lifestyle, many think that they must stay motivated 24/7, 100% of the time to workout, eat healthy, drink enough water and stay committed to their new fit lifestyle. Problem is, most people don't actually stay motivated ALL THE TIME. 

So what do you do??

The key to living a healthy lifestyle, finding the time to stick to your workouts and eat healthy is HABIT. Once you make this lifestyle a part of your normal routine, you won't even start to question it for yourself. Once going to the gym is just part of your schedule, and you become disciplined enough to keep it, you won't have to find your motivation every week. 

People ask me all the time; how are you motivated to workout 5x a week and stay on your nutrition? The truth is, I'm not. Sure, there are days I wake up and I'm psyched to go to the gym for squat day and grind through 5 sets of heavy barbell squats, and days I'm jazzed to eat the fruit bowl sitting in the fridge. Other days, I'm meh. I could workout, or I could not - and I'm not really very motivated towards my goals. 


The difference is...I STILL GO. I still get in my workout and stick to a healthy lifestyle because at this point, it is just a habit in my life. Once I transitioned to making this just a part of my normal routine, my lifestyle changed. 

Many of our clients at the gym create a set schedule for themselves every week. They know they come every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4 pm. THey've made the transition to adding the gym to their weekly schedule. This way, even when they don't feel 100% motivated to get in a workout, they know that their trainer is at the gym, waiting for them, their workout already planned for them. The habit of coming every M/W/F is already engrained in them. Just show up, on your scheduled days, and you've already won. 

Motivation can be fleeting. 

Habits last.