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A Healthy Lifestyle with a Blueprint

At Justin & Kylie's we understand how difficult it is to reach fitness goals on your own. We will conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify your needs. From our assessment and your goals we design the perfect strategy built just for you. Your program will meet your individual needs and abilities. Each individual program is structured around the 8 main areas of fitness:

  1. Fat Burning

  2. Strength Training

  3. Core Strength

  4. Flexibility

  5. Mobility

  6. Agility

  7. Endurance

  8. Power

We offer training at the private studio and at your own home. 

Tailored. Designed. Individualized.

For You.

Schedule: By Appointment Only.


It's like "Boot Camp on a Bike"

At Justin & Kylie's we offer a unique style of Spinning® that combines indoor cycling with weights. Not only do you burn fat; you also tone and strengthen your upper body & core. Our rides are uniquely designed by our lead instructor Kylie. As she describes the classes are like "Boot Camp on a Bike" which really takes the intensity to a whole new level. Enjoy the music, torch the fat, tone the body, and look forward to a leaner fitter you.

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Our nutrition programs are handled by our in-house Dietitian Liz Dahlgren. Liz approaches nutrition in a whole body, personalized manner.  With evidenced-based advice, she provides you with the tools to make food and lifestyle decisions that can properly fuel your body.  She promotes mindfulness and body awareness, and value their impact on wellness.  Food is the foundation of health.  Our bodies are machines, we have to fuel our machine and we need to care for our machine.  She helps you break through the "DIE" in "DIET".  She can help you build a better relationship with food that translates into lifelong nourishment.


Every Saturday morning between 10:30 - 12:00pm Justin holds a weekly seminar. These are a great opportunity to learn about training philosophy & principals. Each week will be unique & engaging. A perfect opportunity to ask questions & further your knowledge of health in fitness.


Saturday: 10:30am - 12:00pm







2 Kennedy Drive

North Chelmsford, MA 01863


By Appointment


Personal Training:

$100/Session or $350.00/Month Unlimited

At-Home Session $175.00

Spinning: $15/class (Packages Available)

Nutrition: Covered under health insurance

Seminar: $10 Non-Member/Free for Members

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Our Team


Kylie R. Kukla

Kylie grew up as an avid athlete competing in many sports specializing in soccer once she hit High School. She became an All-American her senior year and was recruited to play Division 1 soccer in college. In college she learned from many different trainers the proper way train and workout. After graduating college, Kylie with a lifelong obsession with fitness and training she got her license to practice Personal Training. Kylie specializes in training women for weight loss, training athletes to become stronger and faster drawing from personal experience, and strength training which she has been practicing for 15 years.  


Justin D. Kukla

As a lifelong fitness enthusiast and student; Justin has always wanted to open his own gym since he was 12 years old. After many years of education and research he felt he was ready to start coaching other people on how to achieve their goals. Justin is very methodical in designing training programs only using proven training principles to construct the programs. Justin has helped over 100 clients by creating each individual program from scratch. Justin specializes in Programming, Strength Training, Nutrition, Methodology, and Weight Loss.

Liz Dahlgren

  • Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Simmons College

  • Dietetic Internship and Graduate Coursework from Keene State College

  • Massachusetts Dietetic Association Public Policy Panel Liaison to the Massachusetts Nutrition Board

  • Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist in MA

  • Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist in NH

  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with CDR (#86023653)

  • Member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND)


Justin & Kylie met each other after college when Kylie sat down as Justin's new cubicle mate at a finance company. As their friendship grew so did their love for each other. Hand in hand they wanted to bring their love of fitness and nutrition to people around them. Together they opened a small personal training facility in a garage in South Chelmsford. Slowly they began training clients one on one perfecting the strategy to push them to their goals. After two years in South Chelmsford they needed to expand. They moved into the center of town next to the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail. At the new location they quickly built strong membership base by using honesty, support, compassion, and experience.

Quickly after one short year they needed to expand once more. They moved to an upscale facility to meet the needs of their clients. At the new location they are looking to build a permanent home and a state of the art facility. They have grown as individuals and business owners by helping their clients find their own love for fitness. They built their business by helping people around them and will continue helping, guiding, and leading their clients towards new goals. They could not be happier with the help they have given and the more help they will continue to give going forward.

Dedicate & Succeed

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